One-day trip to Vladimir and Suzdal

Vladimir and Suzdal are two ancient Russian towns which are part of the very popular tour around the Golden Ring. I invite you to visit these authentic places to feel an ambience of Russian province.

tour to Vladimir


10-12 hours



Guiding - $25 / €25

per hour for the group up to 4 people (not per person)

Vehicle  $ 10-15 / €10-15 per hour depending on a class

for the group up to 4 people (not per person)


Admission tickets not included



Golden Ring is the heart of Medieval Russia


The Golden Ring it is not only one of our most famous tourist routes of the Central Russia to the north-east of Moscow. It covers the lands where some of the main historical events took place. The ancient towns on the Ring are pearls of Medieval architecture (12-17c.c.) looking like real Russian fairy tales. The towns which history counts more than 10 centuries can strike you by their antique architecture and picturesque surroundings.


It takes 3 hours by car to reach Vladimir (1108). One of the oldest towns in the country that once was the capital of the Russian lands. There you can see two of the most famous and oldest catherdals in Medieval Russia - St. Demetrius and the Assumption.

guided tour to Suzdal

30 minutes driving to the north of Vladimir we can find a lovely place  Suzdal (1024) that is considered to be one of the most antique places on the planet. There are more than 200 historical, architectural, and cultural monuments from 10 c. to 12 c. on the grounds of 10 Not only the stone Kremlin but the open-air museum of the wooden architecture would surprise you.

Suzdal with a guide

In our web-crazy century will you submerge yourself into the depth of centuries by backing to the living past and feel the tranquil daily life of the Russian province.


If you wish to stay overnight at Suzdal and spend there a day? Not a question. This small and comfortable place has a very developed touristic infrastructure: hotels and guest houses with the famous Russian bath houses, coffee-houses, restaurants with the Russian cuisine. There in the special tasting bar you can taste a very Russian famous local drink of honey - medovukha.



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