Bethany Main,

Bristol, UK

Elena guided for my parents and myself a few years ago, her superior knowledge of Moscows' history and Russian culture made it an unforgettable trip. She showed us not only the grand sights of Moscow but also a more personal side to the city she has lived in and loved all her life. She also guided us beyond Moscow to the cities of the Golden Ring, everything was perfectly organised and enjoyable. Elena has since become a dear family friend and I cannot recommend her highly enough

Ashok Ghose,

Delhi, Indi

We spent three memorable days in Moscow in Aug 2013. Elena was our tour guide and she took such loving care of us that we felt completely safe, secure and at ease in a foreign country. She is well informed about Russian history and culture. Her grasp of how Russia is trying to grapple with the social changes is admirable. Equally admirable is her transition from being a Mechanical Engineer & Welding Specialist to being a lovable guide!

Celia and Frank Klein,

Miami, USA

I was very fortunate to have found our wonderful guide, Lena on her website. When I saw the picture of her smiling and dressed like Russian Queen, I just knew I had found the right guide for us. We spent two days with Lena in Moscow (the Kremlin, Red Square, day trip to Trinity Monastery of St. Sergi, choral synagogue, etc.). Her knowledge of Russia and Moscow is excellent.  Not to mention what a fun and great personality she has. Lena started as our guide and is now our friend. We hope someday to be able to go back to beautiful Moscow and see our dear friend, Lena

Fay & Nadine Tolman,

Toronto, Canada

Dear Elena:

We want to thank you so much for making our visit to Moscow so special!  Prior to our trip we interviewed several guides by email and felt that you quickly grasped what we needed/wanted in a guide.  We wanted more than a superficial tour of the usual historic tourist sites.  We wanted to interact with native Moscovites--we didn't want to be driven around in a car, isolated from people.


We needed someone who could comprehend and deliver what we asked.  You excelled!  We provided a wish list and you internalized it and made all necessary arrangements. We know that we would never have gained entrance to the Diamond Fund without your intimate knowledge of how things work in the Kremlin. You even changed the itinerary immediately when we decided that we had seen enough churches and icons.


We were so impressed with your knowledge of Moscow, your consistent professionalism and your kindness to us as you accompanied us to so many special places.  We very much appreciated the interesting conversations we had and lastly we value your friendship as we created so many memories.


Please know that we are recommending you without reservation to anyone who visits your beautiful Moscow.

Kamla Murti,

Delhi, India

Elena was helpful whenever The embassy Of India Moscow school wanted to plan excursions and trips to places of historical importance. Her command over English and her passion to do meticulous planning makes all trips planned by her perfect to the last "T".

Judy Marko, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

I travelled to Russia in 2004 after being encouraged by my girlfriend to do so, as I had planned on visiting the Scandinavian countries only. As a lone traveller I had no idea that English was not fluent in Russia. As a result I felt totally lost and very insecure immediately as I went through Customs in Moscow. What a relief that my Russian/ English translator, Lena, had arranged transport for me from the airport to the hotel with a young man who spoke some English, and meeting up with Lena at the hotel waiting for me and speaking English. If it had not been for a planned bus tour with Lena as my tour guide, I don’t think I would have survived being in Russia by myself, i.e. with over 13 mln people in Moscow alone.

How fortunate I was to meet up with Lena and being in great hands right from the start during my entire trip to Russia.  For me, it definitely was a trip of a lifetime as Canada is a very new country compared to Europe and Russia that it does not have the rich history that you find travelling Russia, from Moscow to St. Petersburg.

A Russian/English guide is a must when visiting Russia. Lena has a vast knowledge and is very well informed on all the places in and around Moscow and from Moscow to St. Petersburg, the ability to arrange transport whenever required, manage groups of people, and when necessary finding very knowledgeable and informative guides and, very importantly, allowing us to get the most of our time while visiting Russia.

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