One-day trip to Sergiev Posad

The Trinity Monastery (14 c.) is the pearl of the place that is nearly 45 miles to the north-east from Moscow. Europeans call it 'the Russian Vatican' very often. The monastery is the UNESCO World Heritage site because of the architecture of the 15-19 cc. on its grounds.

We can not only see this wonder but to taste the famous Russian non-alcohol drinks - kvas and mors, baked pies with different fillings made in the monastery by the old national recipes.

The picnic on the nature on the way back will be the excellent choice of this one-day trip.

Sergiev Posad with a guide

One of the most impressive places outside of Moscow frequented by both pilgrims and tourists the fortress Holy Trinity Monastery of St. Sergius 70 km (45 miles) northeast of Moscow, the center of the Orthodox Christianity, often called by the 'Russian Vatican'. One-hour trip by car brings you to the astounding world of the Russia's most famous cloister founded by St. Sergius in the 14th century .


​Imagine that you are in the Museum of the Russian architecture where all buildings were erected in 15 -19 cc. The oldest church of the Holy Trinity (1422) keeps St. Sergius relics in the silver shrine.

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Sergiev Posad is the Motherland of the nesting-doll called Matryoshka. On the local market you can buy traditional Russian souvenirs and wooden toys from the local craftsmen.


The picnic on the way back with the very Russian drinks - kvas, mors, medovukha - made at the monastery would be part of this unforgettable trip.


8 hours



Guiding - $25 / €25

per hour for the group up to 4 people (not per person)

Vehicle  $ 10-15 / €10-15 per hour depending on a class

for the group up to 4 people (not per person)


Admission tickets not included





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